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2020 poster

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In 2016, the Fêtes de la Vigne adopted a Hymn, a true melodic identity of the festival.

that all can interpret.


Since 2016, Les Fêtes de la Vigne has rewarded groups that have best promoted their culture during the festival. A trophy worthy of the holiday fame has been created ...


Since their creation, the Fêtes de la Vigne have welcomed artists who capture with their art the spirit of this festival of world traditions.

2020 poster
FLYER A6  FdV 2022 RECADRE.jpg

             Raphael Robardet


                        Plasitician painter

A maternal aunt, a painter, a family that was a bit of a musician, all that was needed was to decide, one day, to quit an executive job to try the solitary adventure. Raphaël Robardet, a nice guy born in Auxonne, took off five years ago with his tubes of paint and brushes. A first exhibition and, surprise, immediately the first sales.

With a wandering mind, Raphaël paints instinctively, focusing on a form, a color, a material. "When I walk, the colors inspire me. Then, on the white sheet, come questioning and desire. You brush your background like a writer works his chapter with words." Artists have always worked on site. Raphaël comes to his home like a fresco painter. His custom-made canvases take into account the light, the dimensions of the room, the decoration ...

In another life, Raphaël worked for a long time in decoration and ready-to-wear. From esthete professions to bust painting, the step was taken successfully and his creations (wood, plastic, metal ...) allow him today to lead a more balanced family life: "There comes a time when you decide to go straight to the point. I now have a different quality of life. "


Extract from BingBang Magazine Dijon - N ° 77 Winter 2018-2019


Charmed by a first painting in the series of grapes, we approached Raphaël Robardet, asking him if he would be interested in creating the patterns for the future poster of the Fêtes de la Vigne de Dijon, thus reconnecting with a past, where the posters were born from the collaboration with local artists.

It was with enthusiasm that Raphaël accepted and thus was born the poster for the 2020 edition.

Sober and elegant, it gives pride of place to grapes, a fruitful symbol of the vine in Burgundy ...

repro_60 cm.png

            David Francois Moreau


                      Self-taught composer

November 2015, Laurent Gautier consecrated me Knight of the Brotherhood of Belnus. Despite the tragedy in Paris, we had all danced to the rhythms of jigs in the cellars of Beaune. I remember this happy feeling of entering the farandole. To become one with our traditions, in this powerful momentum that is alive and well. It was a tribute. In the farandole, we hold each other, we move forward together, one hand towards the past and the other towards the future.

Today is a new story for me in this region.
Charles Quénel asked me to write the music for the anthem for the 70th anniversary of the Fêtes de la Vigne in Dijon, this sublime town of Rameau, one of my favorite composers.
I built this anthem in two movements. A somewhat solemn introduction, time to reflect, to remember the elders, those who worked so hard for the vineyard. And suddenly it is time to party, to dance, to drunkenness. The second movement is a jig with several melodies that echo each other. At the end, the tender theme of the introduction is heard again, but it is played with the energy of the dance.
I composed for contemporary choreographers and made the whole of France guincher with the disc "Entre-Deux" and its "Amants de St-Jean" arranged for Patrick Bruel, and now my music crosses an older story again, several times a hundred years old.

I have sent this anthem to all the folk groups invited this year. They will have the leisure to dance it, to interpret it and to arrange it as they see fit, according to their traditions and cultures. I can't wait to hear what they do with it!
How proud that my music crosses this long history. I wish it could move and make dance.

HYMNE DES FÊTES DE LA VIGNEArrangement Miloš Mutapčić (Serbie)


This version of the anthem was arranged and recorded by Miloš Mutapčić, conductor of the band Kud Batajnica.

Guest of the Fêtes de la Vigne 2016, this Serbian ensemble has caught the attention of David François Moreau, not only its musical quality but also its songs and dances.

Kud Batajnica was rewarded during this 2016 edition of the Fêtes de la Vigne for the quality of the promotion of its culture.


David François Moreau (born in Paris in 1972), is a self-taught composer.
Since adolescence he has studied writing and orchestration in contact with scores by Gesualdo, Rameau, Schumann, Berg, Boulez and Scelsi and Warne Marsh.
The music of India, Japan, Islam and the songs of birds are for him a constant source of inspiration.

For twenty years, he has been a composer of film music, composer, arranger and producer of songs (Cali, Patrick Bruel)
He writes music for contemporary dance (Thomas Lebrun and Raphaël Cottin) and theater (Luc Bondy, Marie-Louise Bischofburger, Olivier Brunhes)
He is also artistic director for jazz (Trio Viret, Edouard Ferlet).
He regularly plays piano and electric guitar on his creations.

He travels from one chapel to another with joy and curiosity.
He works a music of murmurs, emotion and noise.
He plays with sound textures, chromatisms, polyrhythms and is inspired by the pulsations of trance. His melodies sometimes take a few notes, or are organized into complex architectures.

La Feille de Vigne.jpg

            Michel faget



Illustrator, poster designer, painter, photographer and sculptor, Michel Faget has been working for more than 30 years in the artistic fields. Installed for twenty years in Chambolle-Musigny he likes to say:

"Living in the middle of the vineyards of the Côte de Nuits, I wanted, through my latest creations, to specialize in wine sculpture."

St Vincent, Bunches of grapes, Vine leaves, Cabottes, are the favorite subjects of this artist who never ceases to pay tribute to the vine and to Burgundy's wine-making traditions.

Its style is resolutely contemporary with its rounded and refined shapes but echoes the art of medieval periods, the rich hours of Burgundy of the Grand Dukes of the West.

He likes to work with bronze, brass and iron in his sculptural art. The technique used is sand casting, which makes the works unique.

The "Feille des Vignes"

In 2016, Trad'Culture, establishing rewards within the Fêtes de la Vigne, naturally turned to Michel Faget for the design of the trophies to be awarded.

This is how "La Feille des Vignes" was born, a stylized dancer dressed in vine leaves and a bunch of grapes. Due to lack of funding, this trophy could not see the light of day in 2016 and was replaced by a bronze medal, seal of the Toison d'Or, edition produced by Ateliers Lauterbach .

In 2018, the Laveaux establishments in Chevigny-Saint-Sauveur offered their patronage to Trad'Culture, for the creation of the "Feilles des Vignes" trophies in bronze, cast in the Ateliers Lauterbach in Marsannay le Bois.


André Patte (1904-1986)


Bourguignon painter



Member of French Artists ‚of Independents‚ of the Review of Contemporary Art ‚he acquired an international reputation that he did not seek (1980, Silver Medal. Review of Contemporary Art. New York; 1981, Diploma of Contemporary Art. Honor at the 10th Europ'Arts Salon in Geneva among others).



This painter ‚who exhibited many watercolors all over the world‚ and who very often drew his inspiration from the Fêtes de la Vigne (more than 1000 known works on the subject) ‚shows in all of his work a fantastic youth ‚by the cheerfulness of the colors‚ by the flexibility and the certainty of the graphics ‚by the variety of the style which however one always identifies at first glance."


Since 1946 ‚each year‚ André Patte has been a fervent assiduous of the Fêtes de la Vigne. He was part of the Burgundy Committee (artistic commission). He observed the different groups as soon as they arrived ‚chose a group and followed it throughout the stay. During this period, he continuously crunched the dancers. Then ‚his workshop resounded with folk music or Vivaldi (the four seasons), while he made‚ from his sketches ‚oils or watercolors.


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