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More than 70 years of international folklore festival in Dijon !



In 1946, after a demand from the Mayor of Dijon "Chanoine Kir", "Les Fêtes de la Vigne" were created by the Burgundy Comity, chaired by Robert Levavasseur, to offer distractions after the second world war.


At the beginning, "Les Fêtes de la Vigne" met some folk dance and music groups from Burgundy. Rapidly, in the 50's, the festival became international, one of the most important international folk dance festival in Europe, renowned for it awards, the "colliers" of gold, silver and bronze metal.


In 1977, the FMDP (Folk art Music and Dance Festival) was created to replace the Burgundy Comity to organize the festival in collaboration with the municipality. During this period, "Les Fêtes de la Vigne " became "The International Folkloriades", with the most renowned contest of Folklore in the world.

2015 was a year of changes for the organization. A new name was chosen : FMDP became Trad'Culture. This change offered new possibilities to promote the traditional cultures of the world in all their shapes and diversity. The festival "Les Fêtes de la Vigne" stay the highlight of Trad'Culture but some new events were created as "L'Amuse-Trad de Dijon" (first edition in September of 2015). Trad'Culture organized punctual events as "Makila" a great show around the Basque culture. The festival "Les Fêtes de la Vigne " became a biennal festival, in year pairs.

In 2016, The "Fêtes de la Vigne" celebrated their 70 years of existence. All the festival has been redesigned. It has fond an unequaled importance for 15 years. It returns to the front of the stage as one of the most important festival of folklore in France.

During 2018 edition, more than 30,000 persons came to the festival during the week and more than 15,000 persons attended the closing day. This has been the consecration of the work accomplished since 2015 by the new team.


Trad'Culture has never dreamed of continuing the development of the festival to promote peace and fraternity...

The festival "Les Fêtes de la Vigne" is recognized for its quality by the following international and national organizations :




2018 edition
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